qo-op vous dévoile le réseau maillé en 3 étapes!!

qo-op, 1er Internet Mesh Network provider de MARTINIQUE

La révolution douce a démarré, Demain!

Grâce au travail acharné des bâtisseurs du monde numérique libre, voici disponible pour tous le pouvoir de se connecter à un nouvel Internet!

Bâti par et pour nous tous, le réseau maillé citoyen « qo-op » entre en phase de test au Vauclin dès demain 😉

Vous souhaitez rejoindre le mouvement et étendre le réseau à toute la Martinique?

  1. Acheter des routeurs compatibles OpenWRT ( 20€ chez amazon )
  2. Installer le micro-logiciel LibreMesh dessus… En cas de doute, contactez-moi 😉
  3. Brancher les appareils un peu partout, LibreMesh.org déploie le réseau maillé tout autour de vous 😉

Je suis connecté, tu es connecté, il est connecté, nous sommes connectés, vous êtes connectés, ils sont connectés!! TOU(S)T SE CONNECTE(NT) !

Attention! Pour que ces 3 étapes s’enchainent facilement, vérifiez qu’ils vendent toujours la version 11 !! TP-Link TL-WR841N Routeur Wi-Fi N 300 Mbps avec 4 Ports 10/100 Mbps Plus 2 Antennes 5dBi

Gardez à l’esprit que 3 murs bloquent le signal, vos antennes doivent avoir un « regard » de l’une à l’autre. Contactez-moi pour si vous voulez de l’aide <3

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  1. La solution ultime est en route, on dirait?!…
    Bien partant pour étendre sur le secteur Trinité, mais comment ça se gère concrètement?
    Faut-il un lien entre Vauclin et Trinité, ou LibreMesh gère seul la connexion?!…

  2. On dirait que l’Europe voudrait interdire la liberté de modifier le firmware de nos routeurs??!!!

    Dear all,

    My name is Sebastian, I work as an assistant to MEP Julia Reda (Pirate
    Party, Greens/EFA) in the European Parliament. I am reaching out to
    you today on the topic of the Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU;
    RED) that you might have heard of as “Radio Lockdown” because of a
    provision obliging manufacturers of radio equipment (such as WiFi
    routers) to check all software installable on their devices [1-3].

    We think this is a danger to Community WiFi projects throughout
    Europe, as they, among others, rely on midified (Free Software)
    firmware installed on routers.

    The good news is that the RED has not entered into force yet because
    the Commission needs to define equipment classes first. This is at the
    same time our best possible course of action: We think there should be
    a separate class for equipment that you rely on in your projects.

    In order to push for this, I would like you to join a working group
    that has already been formed in the European Commission. Stakeholders
    can join this working group. However, only European-level
    organisations will be allowed to join.

    That is why I am reaching out to you: I would like you to form a
    European representation of Community WiFis to join the working group
    and push for an exception for your projects.

    As we know that setting up European representation on short notice is
    not an easy task, I asked Kirsten Fiedler (in Cc) if it would be
    possible for you to team up with EDRi. Even though permanent members
    will have to apply and be accepted by the EDRi general assembly [4], a
    temporary observership would be an option.

    It would be great if you could talk to your projects, and also please
    forward this email to everyone else you think should be in the loop!

    I’m not sure who of you already know each other, so maybe you can send
    a short introduction of who you are and what your project does.

    In case you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me by
    email, phone (I can call you back!), and if you’re there, let us meet
    up on the upcoming Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg.

    Kind regards,

    [1] some background info if you’re not familiar with the issue yet:
    why we think the provisions endanger open Wifi projects:
    < https://juliareda.eu/2015/10/dear-european-governments-dont-endanger-free-and-open-wifi-networks/>
    [2] Free Software Foundation Europe posted this joint statement:
    [3] article on an FCC decision in the US that I think similarly
    applies for the European regulation:
    (quick and sloppy translation to English on my blog:
    [4] on the bottom of

    Sebastian Raible
    Parliamentary Assistant to MEP Julia Reda

    European Parliament
    ASP 05F162, Rue Wiertz 60, 1047, Brussels, Belgium
    Tel. +32 2 28 38732

    My name is Julia, I’m the Pirate in the European Parliament.

    I’m fighting to make copyright in the EU unified, progressive and fit for the future. Will you join me?

    Source : Julia Reda – Dear European governments: don’t endanger free and open WiFi networks!

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